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If the copywriting is bad, you'll lose your shirt! As an energetic, 22 year veteran DM copywriter, I am trusted by hundreds of companies around the world to make them money!

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Expert Marketing Speaker,
Consultant, Trainer

Why Hire Me to Speak, Consult or Train for You ...

Because while many companies understand their business very well,
many don’t truly understand the essence of marketing to their target
as well as they should. (And as well as I do.)

Ready to remove the wall you’ve been banging your head against when it comes to fresh, effective, money-making marketing and advertising ... and finding new ideas to appeal to your customers ... Then you’re hot on the trail of one of today’s best marketing minds. (Keep reading to see why ...)

I’ve met scores of business owners big and small who know their business better than anyone. But they don’t always have an eye for marketing. Or sometimes they are simply too close to it. Or they’ve run out of good ideas.

I’ve had dozens of calls with corporate marketing directors who understand the MECHANICS of getting marketing done, but have surprisingly little deep insight into the actual people, and their lives, who they are selling to. Which is a shame, because true growth, breakthrough success and larger profits come from effective, meaningful marketing.

If you can’t attract new customers, or sell again to your existing ones, your business will suffer. Effective marketing is the lifeblood of business success. It’s that depressingly simple. Business owners, companies or corporations who fail to understand marketing on a personal, psychological, micro level, and think they can do a sloppy job of it themselves, often fail even faster, and spend more money doing it.

That’s why over 700 companies have sought me out to help them better understand effective marketing ... so they can make more money.

So who am I?

I’ve spent the last 22 years, straight out of college, working as a direct marking copywriter. Today, I’m one of the top, most well-known and sought-after DM copywriters in the world.

With clients around the globe, I have a unique marketing perspective that is nearly impossible to find in any other marketing professional on earth. On a continuous basis, I see an enormously wide body of marketing work across dozens of industries.

Clients hire me for one reason, and one reason only ... I help them make money. I’ve spent my entire career in direct marketing, where ONLY RESULTS (CASH PROFITS) COUNT. I don’t believe solely in image advertising, or clever brand advertising. I believe in marketing strategies and response-based advertising that informs and appeals, gets people’s attention, makes them take action and SELLS.

During my copywriting career, I’ve also worked as a privately-hired marketing consultant to dozens of companies from Fortune 500s to small startups. From Donald Trump to Mitt Romney to Omaha Steaks to National Geographic to Publisher’s Clearinghouse to Miracle Ear to West Point Academy ... These companies and organizations and over 700 more pay me more money per hour (even double) than the highest paid doctors and lawyers, just to share my marketing insight.

Why me? Because I understand marketing in a way that most people don’t. Call it a gift. Call it hard work and extensive study. Call it 22 years of amazing work experience. Call it intuition. Clients call me because I understand people and business, buying habits, and can solve any marketing problem, and sell anything. As a high-powered marketing expert, I can look at your business in ways you can’t. I can bring fresh ideas, strategies and innovations from dozens of other industries.

The bottom line is: To work as a top DM copywriter means I need to be a very, very, very sharp marketer and persuasive thinker. I need to have a deep understanding of what makes people tick, what makes them buy, what they think and feel, and why they would have any interest in what you’re selling. And then come up with a solid, cost-effective plan for doing it.

I’ve worked with the world’s third largest bank, America’s oldest insurance company, one of the largest, mega ad agencies in the world. I have been paid enormous sums of money to share my marketing skills with others. No company can afford to hire me to work inhouse for them. That’s why I work for myself. Companies will fly me in for even just a day for my help in solving their persistent marketing problems.

I have helped sales reps who said, “My territory is like death valley.” I’ve helped MLM masters build enormous downlines and make even MORE money. I’ve helped retail owners draw customers like bees to honey. I’ve helped online retailers convert like pros. I’ve helped companies from Russia to Japan attract new customers.

On behalf of my clients, I’ve sold just about anything imaginable from premium steaks to ladders to arthritis pills to cars to books to jewelry to coins to thermal imaging cameras to hearing aid batteries to electric scooters to procedures for doctors ... to ... you name it. Part of my marketing expertise comes from quickly becoming an expert on your product or service and your ideal prospect.

So besides writing money-making copy for you ...
I can also help you by speaking to your company,
training your staff and consulting with you ...

I’m not pushing a book or a marketing program or an ongoing retainer. I’m a purely a hired gun. I have no motive except to occasionally move from behind my keyboard and get more hands-on in helping your company grow. Sometimes it’s just more impactful in person.

So on a limited basis, I will agree to come to a company and speak, train or consult in person. I can and will enlighten you, and whoever else you choose to attend, on how to become powerfully marketing-centric. How to integrate a marketing mind into every department. How to really understand your market and help them realize why they should buy from you.

Who will benefit from hiring me to speak, consult or train?

  • Sales organizations/reps
  • Business owners
  • Retail owners and managers
  • Medical professionals
  • Service providers
  • Trade groups
  • Any company who needs to solve a marketing problem
  • Network marketers
  • The Self-employed
  • Marketing managers
  • Non-profit executives
  • Large corporations that need a fresh marketing perspective

I have been called, “One of the most brilliant marketing minds of our time” by entrepreneurs who have made millions and millions of dollars.

When it comes specifically to speaking experience:

  • I have extensive teaching/speaking experience, having been selected from among hundreds of applicants to be trained by the world’s foremost language training organization to teach Cantonese Chinese in a rapid, accelerated program.
  • I have presented at the Direct Marketing Association’s annual world conference with nearly perfect feedback scores from attendees.
  • I have conducted round table discussions at international marketing conferences.
  • My articles have been published in the most widely-circulated marketing publications in the world.

And the fact is, I spend part of everyday consulting. Pointing people in the right direction. I’m very good it and ready to help you. And it will be money well spent.

What do you get for your fee?

I’ll do my own deep research into your company, your product or service and the market/industry you compete in … So I can intelligently speak your marketing language.

I will deliver a one hour to one and a half hour speaking presentation with time left for questions, if desired. Or spend a full day training or consulting in your offices.

My guarantee: If you are not thrilled. I’ll refund your money. I understand this is a high stakes play. And I insist you find value in what you get from me.

With an endless workload, I am in my office writing and on the phone with clients daily. So with my time being limited, I only take on ONE speaking/training/consulting assignment per month ... 12 per year. If you want to book my time for your next meeting, function, conference, corporate retreat etc, don’t wait. Call now to ensure it happens on your desired time table.

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